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1. What is TREBEL PASS?

TREBEL PASS lets you experience TREBEL without ads. It allows you to:

      1. Listen while downloading music.
      2. Get faster downloads.
      3. Get unlimited coins.
      4. Use Chat music and Instant playlists without limits.


2. Is TREBEL PASS a subscription?

TREBEL PASS is not a subscription and will not automatically renew. We hope you enjoy your TREBEL PASS so much that you decide to renew it many times! But there is no obligation to do so; pay as you go and use TREBEL PASS when you need it most.


3. What is the difference between 7, 15 and 30 days of TREBLE PASS? 

It means you will have access to TREBEL PASS for the duration you choose. For example, if you choose 7 days, you will have 7 days to enjoy TREBEL PASS.


4. What happens when the days of TREBLE PASS end?

    • Your account is reverted to the experience you had before using TREBEL PASS, you will begin to see ads again when downloading again.
    • You can still access all the music you downloaded while you were on TREBEL PASS.

5. What if I have problems activating or using the TREBEL PASS after purchasing it?

We will gladly assist you! Send us an email at hello@trebelmusic.com


6. Can I buy more than one TREBEL PASS at the same time?

Yes. TREBEL PASS days are cumulative. For example, if you bought 7 days of TREBEL PASS and you have 1 day left before the end of that period, and that same day you want to buy another 7-day TREBEL PASS, if you make the purchase that same day you will have a total of 8 days of TREBEL PASS.


7. Can I continue using TREBEL without paying?

Yes. You can continue using TREBEL without paying by watching ads.


8. I don’t have a credit card. Can I still buy TREBEL PASS?

If you reside in Mexico, you can purchase TREBEL PASS with cash at any participating OXXO store. Once paid, you’ll receive activation instructions via email and on your OXXO receipt.

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